Terms and Conditions


Please note:
The English translation of the Driveczech Terms and Conditions  and Privacy Policy is provided for the convenience of our non Czech-speaking customers. Regardless of this, only the original Czech-language version is legally binding.



1. Identification

Trip4U sro, Pod Kotlaskou 555/9, Liben, 180 00 Prague, Company ID: 07686188 (hereinafter referred to as "the Broker") provides the Customer with the possibility of ordering the transport of persons via https://driveczech.com provided by a third party (hereinafter referred to as "carrier") ).

2. Role

Based on demand, the intermediary seeks to provide the customer with a service with the best fit carrier according to the order criteria, as a contractual partner and a third party physically providing the service. As soon as the customer gets contact with the carrier, the role of the broker ends here.

3. Payment

The broker for each transport carried out by the carrier will receive a financial reward that is agreed in the contract between the carrier and the broker. The customer is obliged to pay the agreed amount in full to the intermediary prior to the service. If the customer wishes to change the agreed service during transport, he will inform the carrier or the broker and he will send the quotation to the customer via email. The broker reserves the right not to satisfy the customer's wishes for safety or operational reasons.


4. Protection of personal data

You can read our privacy policy in a separate document here


5. Responsibility of the broker

In no event shall the Broker be liable for any damage to property or health of persons arising during transportation.

6. Customer's rights and obligations

6.1. The Customer is obliged to pay the ordered service in advance to the Provider according to the payment details, unless agreed otherwise.


6.2. The Customer is obliged to come to the place of pick-up at the agreed time and under the agreed conditions. If the customer fails to comply with the agreed conditions, such as changing the place or time without prior agreement, he is obliged to pay the additional costs incurred, such as waiting time and multi-kilometers according to the pricelist.


6.3. The customer has the right to cancel the ordered service under the following conditions:


a) More than a week before starting the service for free


b) More than two days and less than a week before the start of the service, when a cancellation fee of 10% of the amount paid will be charged, which will be deducted from the amount returned to the customer.


c) More than 24 hours in advance and less than 48 hours before the start of the service, when a 50% cancellation fee will be charged and will be deducted from the amount returned to the customer.


d) Less than 24 hours before the start of the service, when a 100% cancellation fee will be charged against the amount paid.

7. Broker's rights and obligations

The broker reserves the right to reject or cancel the order without giving any reason (especially for technical reasons). The Broker undertakes to provide the Customer with a carrier service corresponding to the specifications in the order. If the agreed carrier fails to provide the service for any reason, the intermediary undertakes to provide a replacement available option. If this is not possible at the moment, the intermediary undertakes to return the full amount paid to the customer immediately, but no later than 30 days.

8. Conflict solving

Mutual disputes between the broker and the customer are settled by the general courts. Supervision of compliance with the obligations pursuant to Act No. 634/1992 Coll. Information on the existence, mode and conditions of out-of-court complaint handling and on the supervisory authority Consumer complaints are received at office@trip4you.eu. The seller sends the complaint information to the consumer's electronic address. The state administration's supervisory and control bodies are: • Consumer Protection - Inspectorate of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority (www.coi.cz), Středočeský and Hl. Prague (Czech Trade Inspection), Štěpánská 567/15, 120 00 Prague, data box: p2fdz5j • Business activity - Office of the City District of Prague 10, Trade Licensing Department, Vršovická 1429/68, 101 38 Prague 10-Vršovice • Personal Data Protection - Office for Personal Data Protection, Pplk. Sochora 727/27, 170 00 Praha 7, qkbaa2n

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